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December 5, 2016

How to Install SuperX 3.0 Grace Linux and Review on VMware

SuperX 3.0 Grace Linux
SuperX 3.0 Grace Installation and Review on VMware

This tutorial shows how to install SuperX 3.0 Grace Linux and review on VMware Workstation/Player step by step. This tutorial is also helpfull to installing SuperX 3.0 on physical computer or laptop.  We'll also install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on SuperX for better VM performance and usability.

SuperX 3.0 Grace Installation Steps:

  1. Download SuperX 3.0 Grace ISO
  2. Create VM on VMware Workstation/Player
  3. Start Installation
  4. Install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on SuperX Linux
  5. Test VVMware Tools Features: Fit Guest Now, Drag-Drop File and Clipboard Sharing
  6. SuperX 3.0 Grace Review

Installing SuperX 3.0 Grace and Review on VMware

What is SuperX Linux?

SuperX is a desktop-oriented computer operating system based on Linux, using a highly customized KDE desktop environment. Originally developed in India. SuperX is built using world’s most advanced open source technologies. It is a composite product of various tried and tested engineering marvels like the Linux kernel, GNU utilities, KDE desktop and many more. SuperX features a new launcher made in QML that allows users to get a grid view of all icons of the installed applications in the system, the new launcher is called "SuperX App Launcher".
SuperX Website:

SuperX 3.0 (Code Name Grace) New Features and Improvements

SuperX 3.0 focuses on providing an attractive desktop solution on top of a stable platform. SuperX 3.0 Grace gives more priority to application responsiveness. SuperX 3.0 compresses unused memory pages within RAM rather than swapping out to the swap partition, making it responsive even when the system memory is low. Commonly used applications are preloaded and cached in memory for faster start-up of your favorite applications.

SuperX Grace features a beautiful startup splash that changes its background to whatever the user’s wallpaper is, giving SuperX a really smooth transition from the splash screen to the desktop. It features a flat design theme for the desktop shell, with bright, contrasting colors. SuperX Grace comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This release is a Long Term Support version. It will receive regular software updates and bug fixes until April 2019. SuperX 3.0 ships with KDE 4.13.3, Linux kernel 3.13, and a full range of multimedia support.

SuperX 3.0 Grace Minimum System Requirements

SuperX OS 3.0 runs on most legacy hardware. Minimum system requirements are:
  1. 1-GHz processor (dual-core recommended)
  2. 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
  3. 25 GB of hard disk space
Hope you found this SuperX 3.0 Grace installation and review tutorial helpful and informative. Please consider sharing it. Your feedback and questions are welcome!

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