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December 6, 2016

How to Install Tiny Core Linux 7.2 on Hard Disk with Apps and Review on VMware

Tiny Core Linux 7.2
Tiny Core Linux 7.2 Installation to Hard Drive with Apps and Review

Easy tutorial on how to install Tiny Core Linux 7.2 on Hard Disk with basic applications such as Nano text editor, Firefox web browser and LXterminal. We'll also install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools) on Tiny Core 7.2 for better VM performance and usability. This video tutorial is also helpful to installing Tiny Core 7.2 on physical computer or laptop hardware.

Tiny Core Linux 7.2 Installation Steps:

  1. Download Tiny Core Linux 7.2 ISO
  2. Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation/Player
  3. Start Tiny Core Linux Installation
  4. Install Applications (Firefox, Nano and LXterminal)
  5. Install and Configure SSH Server
  6. Install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools)
  7. Tiny Core Linux 7.2 Review

Installing Tiny Core Linux 7.2 to Hard Drive with Apps and Review

What is Tiny Core Linux?

Tiny Core Linux is a 12 MB graphical Linux desktop. It is based on a recent Linux kernel, BusyBox, Tiny X, Fltk, and Flwm. The core runs entirely in memory and boots very quickly. The user has complete control over which applications and/or additional hardware to have supported, be it for a desktop, a nettop, an appliance or server; selectable from the project's online repository.

Tiny Core is one of the tiniest computer OS based on Linux kernel. It keeps itself small and helps you get things done. This fast, flexible, and powerful operating system could become a great tool if you are skilled in command line tools and simple shell scripting.
Tiny Core Linux Website:

Tiny Core Linux 7.2 New Features and Improvements

Tiny Core Linux 7.2 comes in multiple editions: Core, Core Plus, and TinyCore. While Core and TinyCore versions are available for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, Core Plus is only developed for x86 platforms. Tiny Core Linux 7.2 release doesn’t bring many major changes. According to the release notes, new features implemented in Tiny Core Linux 7.2 include improvement to on-demand in the tc-functions script, a patch that allows passing of arguments and quoting of arguments to on-demand and tc-functions, and support for passing arguments to on-demand items that do not contain a .desktop file.

Hope you found this Tiny Core Linux 7.2 installation and review tutorial helpful and informative. Please consider sharing it. Your feedback and questions are welcome!

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