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December 31, 2016

How to Install Photon OS and Review on VMware Tutorial

Photon OS
Photon OS Installation and Review on VMware

This tutorial shows how to install Photon OS 1.0 and review on VMware Workstation/Player step by step. This tutorial is also helpful to install VMware Photon OS on physical computer or laptop hardware.

Photon OS Installation Steps:

  1. Download Photon OS 1.0 ISO
  2. Create Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation/Player
  3. Start Photon OS 1.0 Installation
  4. Photon OS 1.0 Review

Installing Photon OS and Review on VMware

What is VMware Photon OS?

VMware Photon OS is a minimal Linux container host, optimized to run on VMware platforms. Photon OS is a lightweight Linux operating system for cloud-native apps. Photon is optimized for vSphere and vCloud Air, providing an easy way for our customers to extend their current platform with VMware and run modern, distributed applications using containers. Photon OS supports the most common container formats, including Docker, Rocket (rkt) and Garden.

Photon OS includes a small footprint, yum-compatible, package-based lifecycle management system--called tdnf. Photon OS alternatively supports image-based system versioning with RPM-OSTree. When used with development tools and environments such as VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation, HashiCorp (Vagrant and Atlas) and production runtime environments such as VMware vSphere and vCloud Air, Photon OS lets you seamlessly migrate container-based applications from development to production.
Photon OS Website:

Photon OS Main Features and Benefits

Optimized for vSphere: Leveraging more than a decade of experience validating guest operating systems, Photon OS is thoroughly validated on vSphere; and, because VMware is focused on the vSphere platform, we're able to highly tune the Photon OS kernel for VMware product and provider platforms.

Container support: Compatible with container runtimes, like Docker, and container scheduling frameworks, like Kubernetes.

Efficient lifecycle management: Contains a new, open-source, yum-compatible package manager - tdnf - that makes the system as small as possible, but preserves robust yum package management capabilities.

Photon OS Installation Prerequisites

In order to install and start using Photon OS with VMware vSphere, the following pre-requisites must be satisfied:
  1. VMware vSphere 5.5 or VMware vSphere 6.0 installed
  2. ESXi host with recommended 2GB of free RAM
  3. ESXi host with recommended 8GB of free disk space
  4. The Photon OS ISO downloaded from Bintray
Hope you found this VMware Photon OS 1.0 installation and review tutorial helpful and informative. Please consider sharing it. Your feedback and questions are welcome!


  1. Your feedback and questions are welcome!

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