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December 9, 2016

How to Install Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 and Review on VMware

Untangle NG Firewall 12.1
Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 Installation and Review on VMware

Easy tutorial on how to install and configure Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 on VMware Workstation/Player step by step. We'll also make Untangle NG Firewall Review and install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools). This tutorial is also helpful for installing NG Firewall on physical computer or bare-metal server.

Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 Installation Steps:

  1. Download Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 ISO
  2. Create VM on VMware Workstation/Player
  3. Start NG Firewall Installation
  4. Untangle Firewall Initial Configuration
  5. Install VMware Tools (Open VM Tools)
  6. Untangle NG Firewall Review

Installing Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 and Review on VMware

What is Untangle NG Firewall?

Untangle NG Firewall is a Debian-based network gateway with pluggable modules for network applications like spam blocking, web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, VPN, SSL VPN, firewall, and more. Untangle NG Firewall offers a number of interface updates as well as geolocation data for all network traffic.
Untangle NG Firewall Website:

Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 New Features and Improvements

Untangle NG Firewall distribution is a firewall solution based on Debian. It offers pluggable modules for network applications, including spam blocking, web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and VPN. Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 offers a number of interface updates as well as geolocation data for all network traffic. NG Firewall version 12.1 provides new geolocation capabilities for all traffic. NG Firewall's Integrated Rules Engine can utilize geolocation data to allow network administrators to create and apply rules based on client or server latitude and longitude or country. This enables network administrators to quickly triangulate where a threat is originating and create an appropriate policy response. Geo-location data is also available in NG Firewall's reports and widgets.

Other Updates

  1. Event-based Reporting: Event lists are now a type of Report entry. Network administrators can more easily create custom event list reports, allowing them to keep tabs on specific users, domains, sites, policies and more.
  2. Performance: NG Firewall now performs a “dynamic bypass” function for UDP such that if all layer-7 applications “release” interest in the session, the data will be passed at layer 3, greatly boosting performance.
  3. SSL Certificate Management: Management of client SSL certificates required for SSL Inspector has been further streamlined.
  4. Google and Facebook Authentication: NG Firewall’s Directory Connector application now offers experimental support for authenticating users against their Google or Facebook accounts. This provides a flexible alternative for simplifying Captive Portal deployments.
Hope you found this Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 installation and review tutorial helpful and informative. Please consider sharing it. Your feedback and questions are welcome!

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